Ways To Upgrade Your Basement

Many homeowners renovate to upgrade their basement in their home as a result of wear and tear over the years. Yet converting unused space into an additional living area can add a whole new meaning to the concept of ‘modern’ living. Whether it’s a home theater system or an adaptable living space, renovating your basement can create extra space and improved comfort for an expanding family.

upgrade your basement with insulation from owens corningTips for your basement renovation (or, at least a basement upgrade):

•    Think how you want to use your basement, and come up with renovations that will serve that goal.
•    In doing so, consider how you can increase your useable space while reducing your renovation costs.
•    Decor “tricks,” such as mirrors and paint, can help create more light to turn your basement from dingy to bright and inviting, but you can also make it more comfortable with an insulation upgrade.

Before you start on your re-insulation project, assess the existing amount of insulation in your basement. Remember that adequate insulation of your basement walls will help you create an additional space that is modern, comfortable and inviting.

Install insulation panels with an R-10 value and with R-14 PINK FIBERGLASS insulation batts to create an insulation barrier with a value of R-24 for optimum warmth and comfort. For interior walls, try out insulation panels to minimize unwanted noise drifting to the rest of the house and control sound levels.

Cheryl West, an insulation expert at Owens Corning, says that insulating your basement can improve its comfort and maximize the energy efficiency of your home. And with government savings available, a renovation project like insulating your basement is affordable, too.

The ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program is offering a grant of up to $5000 from the Government of Canada for energy efficiency renovations which have not yet started. Some energy utilities and provincial governments offer additional funding. For more information on ecoEnergy grants and incentives in Canada, visit www.ecoaction.gc.ca/homes.

Not only will you convert unwanted space into an additional living area by insulating your basement, but you can also cash in on government incentives and cut back on your renovation expenses.

Upgrade your basement today.

More information on what insulation is best for your basement can be found at owenscorning.ca.

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