Basement Mold and Mildew Remediation

mold growing in the basement can be hazardous to your healthTo clearly get rid of your basement mold and mildew problem, you need to consider a few things. Where is the source of the problem and after you clean the problem, what do you do to prevent it.

In this technique you will learn how basement mold and mildew remediation is not only about investigating to find the source, you need to clean and prevent black mold from coming back. Basement mold cleaning projects are difficult because of the locations basements are usually in. They are below homes and ground level.

This allows mold to migrate into the lowest area of the home. Also, basements are typically dark and usually have a high amount of moisture. This is a perfect condition for black mold and mildew. So what can you do for a smooth basement mold cleaning project. The answer is quite simple, below you will find where to look for the mold and then how you will clean basement mold and what product to use for mildew to not come back.

Areas To Look For Mold:

Basement Carpeting – The basement carpets always seem to soak up moisture. It is a good idea to check around perimeter walls for these carpets for mold. In order to kill carpet mold you must find the source of the problem.

Wood Pilings and Ceiling Areas – Since moisture migrates because of gravity look up at your ceilings and investigate wood pilings. These are very popular sources for mold and mildew.

Perimeter Walls And Panels – Have a look at your perimeter walls as these will have mold growth and become prime suspects for mold and mildew growth. Be sure to have a look behind the panels if you can and view close to the floors, these will be problematic areas.

Find The Source Of The Problem.

Before you attempt mold and mildew remediation be sure to find the source of the problem. Basement mold cleaning can be a difficult event, do not clean a whole basement and forget to prevent it from happening again.

Once you have scouted out these areas in your basement and found if they have mold you will most likely found the source of the problem. Now to get to how to remove the mold and prevent it from coming back. In order to remove the mold, you will either remove the building materials by doing a small mold remediation project. This is sometimes not needed, but it is a judgment call.

If you have mold and mildew on the wood of the basement then you will need to wire brush the surfaces. This breaks apart the mold, it is also recommended to use a natural cleaning product such as Safe Shield or Molderizer, these natural cleaning products are quite powerful and safe. Whichever option you choose try to break apart the surface, most times the wood will be so stained with mold and mildew that you need to wire brush, sand down, and use a cleaning again.

Mold And Mildew Remediation By The Experts

Most mold remediation companies will use natural cleaning products. The biggest reason to use these natural cleaning products is simply for protection and encapsulation. Which brings me to how to prevent the mold from coming back. In order to stop mold from coming back you need to cut it off from the food source. In this basement mold cleaning case, use a clear barrier to encapsulate the product and prevent mold growth.

Try to clean and protect your basement by using natural cleaning products and correct mold remediation protocols which will clean and prevent mold and mildew growing in your basement.

Is basement mold and mildew got you upside down? Try natural cleaning products that are designed to clean basement mold and prevent mold growth.

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