Smoking & Grilling

Nothing completes “outdoor living” until delicious food is added to the mix! 

I spent my share of summers smoking and grilling my own creations. Why not order out? Because in the north, good southern barbecue is hard to come by. It’s true.

I lived in Texas for 35 years, so I’m no stranger to smoky flavors. Where I live now, good barbecue is tough to come by. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and learning how to smoke meat was a necessity for me!

Here, I share my experiences and hopefully, you’ll find a little info that’ll help save you both time and money!

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Philip vandermeer

Hi, I’m Phil. Welcome to my website, where I share things centered around house and home. Of course, that includes delicious food! I love concocting new dishes and sharing them with family and friends!

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