How To Restore Vinyl Siding to Its Original Beauty

restore vinyl siding with nuvinylHave you been wondering how to restore vinyl siding on your home? Many homeowners believe their only alternative is to replace siding that has lost its luster as a result of UV radiation and acid rain; but there is a less expensive solution.

Before you replace that faded vinyl siding on your home, you may want to consider another option that can save you a lot of money — while at the same time giving your siding a new look and long-lasting protection. Learn how to restore vinyl siding instead.

Vinyl ReNu is an environmentally-friendly anti-microbial polymer that addresses the root cause of the oxidation and fading. Scientists from the Polymer Research and Engineering Center at the University of Southern Mississippi — experts in the field of polymer science — conducted extensive research in developing Vinyl ReNu.

It is distributed by One-Source Organics, a company long known for its restoration products for exterior surfaces. The scientists have incorporated the latest technology to restore and protect vinyl siding from nature’s elements.

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“Homeowners need to know that it is very important to get to the real cause of the fading and oxidation. Otherwise, simply cleaning the siding, pressure-washing it or painting it, won’t last — and they will soon once again have that chalky appearance and could become brittle,” says Vincent R. Valles, Sr., founder of Dur-A-Shield.

Vinyl ReNu has a specific cleaning and restoration process to restore the color and brilliance of vinyl siding. Cleaning the surface and applying the product are easy to do — and something some homeowners could choose to do themselves, although the company also has dealers/contractors who can do the work.

Restoring vinyl siding with a product such as Vinyl ReNu costs about one-fifth less than replacing siding and it carries a 10-year guarantee. A kit with cleaning solution, cleaning brush, and enough Vinyl ReNu to cover about 1,800 square feet of siding is less than $300. Valles says even one of the largest vinyl siding manufacturers in the country is using the product to satisfy warranty claims because it is more cost-effective than replacing the siding.

By restoring your vinyl siding instead of replacing it, you will also be doing your part to cut down on the more than 2 million pounds of old and faded siding dumped into landfills each year.

Because Vinyl ReNu forms a clear, tough shield that protects the surface, it also prevents the growth of mold, mildew and fungus. And if you are a homeowner who would like to have a different color for your siding, you can paint after you have used it.

Vinyl ReNu can be purchased directly from the company at its Web site, or you can quickly and easily order it online from Amazon:

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