A Few Original Sunroom Ideas

What can you do with your sunroom?

Here’s a few fresh  sunroom ideas:

sunroom ideasA glassed-in sun room can have many uses and is a great use of space for your yard. Here are some great sunroom ideas!

Times are hard for everyone – most people are far from upgrading to a bigger house or building on what they have, most people are making do until the economy improves. With space at a premium, every inch of your home should have a use; efficiently using what you’ve got, experimenting with rooms and storage can mean you’re more comfortable, streamlined and less stressed – even if you’re not in your ideal home.

Easier said than done – which is why we’ve chosen to use the humble sun room, perhaps the most difficult room in the house to classify, as an example of what can be achieved with a bit of outside-the-box thinking.

There are a number of cheap, easy-to-build sun rooms on the market, too – so if you’ve got a bit of cash, a bit of time and a bit of elbow grease it’s a fast way to add bonus space to your property. But before you do anything, take a look at our five original uses for your extension:

1. An office: There’s nothing more rubbish than being stuck inside on a beautiful day – so if you’re working at home a lot in the evenings, or working at home full stop, why not bring the beautiful day to your desk? You’ll benefit from the fresh air and the feeling of space if you set up a little station near a window – somewhere with plenty of light and a view of your garden. It’ll be a great place for any teens to do homework, too – beats a pot plant next to your in-tray, any day.

2. Summer bedroom or guest bedroom: It’s unlikely your sun room  is insulated enough to sleep in all year round, but during the warmer months, why not camp out under the stars? If it’s big enough, grab yourself a pull-out bed for you or your guests and let the breeze lull you to sleep; if it’s a wet summer (as is often the case) you’ll be soothed with the pitter-patter of raindrops on glass.

3. A veggie patch: Conservatories, like green houses, offer the perfect conditions for growing tasty vegetables and fresh fruit – imagine your own hot house paradise, with vines of grapes hanging from beams and grow bags with tomatoes peeking through! Growing your own food in a protected environment will save you money on groceries, too – even if all you manage is something as small as a pot of mint.

4. A home gym: There’s no better place to work out than in the fresh air – unless it’s tipping down with rain. Using your conservatory as an exercise space will keep your routine fun and stimulating without you ending up drenched – it’s an open, clear space with good ventilation and plenty to look at, so it’s great for an exercise bike, cross trainer, rowing machine or treadmill.

5. A dining area: A sun room can be the perfect place for a dining table – whether the space is large or small, you’re sure to find something that’ll fit it. Heavy curtains will keep the dining area warm during the winter and windows can be opened for ventilation – or to let in barbecue smells – in the summer!

These are only a few sunroom ideas you can implement. Now you should have some new creative juices flowing!

Go for it.

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