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Here is where I share my best food and food preparation ideas that you can take to the table, patio, or wherever your special cuisine yen takes you! H&GM is still growing, so be sure and stop by regularly to check on its progress.

If you want to get started smoking meat, check out my beginners guide to choosing your first smoker. I’ve spent a lot of time smoking meat. 

If you want to get started making bread, and you like super soft dinner rolls, I’ve got that covered.

I share a bunch of smoothie recipes I’ve discovered as well. 

You can also use the search bar at the top of any page for a list of recipes on the topic. Try “smoothies” and see what comes up!

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Hi, I’m Phil. Welcome to my website, where I share things centered around house and home. Of course, that includes delicious food! I love concocting new dishes and sharing them with family and friends!

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