A Man’s Guide to Home Decor

decorating for menThere are still a few men out there who can’t understand a woman’s need to decorate (and redecorate) their home. And a woman’s love of shopping for furniture? That gives most men a sharp pain – usually in the area of their wallet. But as a power shopper myself, I can tell the men in the audience that home decor is a sport! Really! Just think of home decorating in terms of “guy stuff”!

You know that little flutter in the stomach when you see a fully-restored, cherry red, vintage muscle car? Complete with air-brushed flames? Chrome everywhere? Well, women can get the same flutter looking at a vintage armoire, dresser or sideboard. (Well, ok, we don’t get quite as excited if it is covered with air-brushed flames and chrome!)

So the next time your wife or girl friend brings home an antique table – think Shelby Cobra!

And for some men, hunting or fishing mean the thrill of the chase or the big catch. I have felt that same thrill when finding the perfect fabric or just the right painting for a room. (And I didn’t have to put up with the mosquitos!) So when your wife brings home new artwork for your mantle – think big game trophy!

Remember the fun and excitement you feel when watching football or hockey? Your wife can feel the same excitement watching Trading Spaces or Extreme Home Makeover! (Some rooms score a touchdown, others are fumbles, and yet others are definite fouls!) So rather than complaining the next time your wife watches one of those home improvement shows, think Super Bowl!

Yes, home decor is a sport! Games of “New Paint Bingo” and “Antique Auction Sprint” are being played daily in your neighborhood. So instead of discouraging your wife, support her with a few cheers like: “Way to go with that red trim, honey!” “Stuff that pillow! Stuff that pillow!” (No need to don the short skirt and pompoms!) Now, if I can just get the man in my life to buy this, I can start on that new bedroom decor. Honey? What do you think of Bubble Gum Pink paint?!?

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