How To Make A Headboard Slipcover

it's not that difficult to make a slipcover for your headboard if you can follow these simple rules.An easy (and inexpensive. . .really!) way to change the look of your bedroom decor is to make a headboard slipcover to put over your existing headboard. Don’t worry! Its easy!

Here are six easy steps to redesigning your bed.

1. Measure the width of both your headboard and foot board. Add 1 inch to the width measurements for seam allowances.

2. Measure the length by starting at the back lower edge of the headboard, up and over the highest point of the headboard, then down to the front bottom edge. Add 2 inches to the length measurement for seam allowances.

3. Cut your chosen fabric the measured width and length plus seam allowances. The resulting rectangle is folded in half and stitched along the sides to form a slip cover. Be sure the right sides of the fabric are facing when you pin and sew the slipcover. You can add piping if you desire (I personally think dealing with piping is an exercise in futility – I flunked piping in sewing class!)

4. Wrap your headboard with foam batting to eliminate hard edges.

5. Attach ties to the bottom edge of the slipcover made of 3 by 13 inch strips of the fabric. Velcro could also be used.

6. Slip the cover over your headboard and fasten ties or Velcro. Then enjoy the new look of your bed!

slipcover If you have a curved headboard, use it as a template for the slipcover. Trace the curve of the headboard on freezer paper or newspaper. Add two inches for seams. Then cut the pattern out and sew the top curve (the right sides of the fabric should be facing each other when the seam is sewn.)

Ribbons, lace, quilt squares, velvets, satins and tapestries can all be used to produce a unique look for your bedroom. With imagination, your bedroom design can be anything you want: country, cowboy, tuscan, French, southwestern, rustic lodge, Italian or and combination of these.

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