How To Arrange Furniture For Your Home Decor

arranging furniture is an artform of itselfEvery homeowner has their own set of problems and challenges in buying and figuring out how to arrange furniture. Some rooms are too long and seem like a bowling alley.

Others are too narrow, or too low, too tall or too wide. Yet each of these problems can be solved with the correct furniture arrangement. The correct grouping can overcome awkward placement and make the room seem more visually balanced.

To correct the look of your imperfect room, try these easy furniture arrangement tips:

  • If your room is too long.. Divide the space into two separate, but balanced smaller groupings of furniture, like a loveseat and two chairs. An area rug beneath each grouping can serve to unite the area visually. The conversation areas formed will make guests feel welcome.
  • If your room is too narrow. When your room is too narrow, place furniture (especially your sofa) on the diagonal between two walls to fit more furniture comfortably into the room.
  • If your room seems too low. If the ceiling of your room feels too low, make it seem taller by adding tall furniture such as armoires, that draw the eye upward. Use vertical lines like stripes or graphic paint elements.
  • If your room seems too high. If the ceiling of your room feels too high, add more strong horizontal lines in the furniture. Molding 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up the wall can make the room seem lower. Pictures placed lower on the wall can make the room seem less cavernous as well.


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