Home Office Furniture Ideas – 9 Great Tips

corner deskBecause of the mountain of paperwork which now seems to envelop every family, home offices, and hence home office furniture is practically a necessity in today’s economic climate. They are often multipurpose and serve for family finances, a home-based business, homework, Internet research and many other purposes.

If you follow the 9 tips below, you’ll be able to create a multipurpose space that suits your multitasking family.

1. Keep three things in mind: Function, function and more function!

Don’t just throw a desk and chair and bookshelf into your room and expect them to organize themselves. Plot out your use for the room and what you’ll be needing in the way of an Internet or phone connection, storage, electronics like a computer and printer, and filing cabinets etc. Think about essentials first, then fill in. Your particular office furniture is the main attraction, but functionality is the underlying key.

2. Always purchase a few good pieces of office furniture…..rather than stuff that will fall apart in a year, or look like it came from a rummage sale after only weeks of use. Consider the comfort and ergonomics of your two main pieces, the desk and chair, so much can be done with Modular Bush office desks. You’ll also be staring at them for hours every day so they might as well be handsome, as well as functional!

3. Color is vital for your mood while working.

Besides, who can gain inspiration from staring at 4 (or more) white walls which look like a hospital? Attitude towards your work is also influenced by color. Retail stores and casinos study color so they can influence their customers.

It’s important to pick colors that you personally like and that will make you happy. If they are wild — so be it. Painting is fairly easy to do-over. Pick a couple of complimentary colors and base your decor around them.

4. Let there be light — where you’ll be working, that is.

If you squint while trying to read something, you’ll get a headache and wrinkles. If you have natural light in your room, that’s always the best because it saves money on electricity, and well, it’s natural. We didn’t evolve under fluorescent lights, after all. Choose several light sources if necessary, and pick “green” lighting if it suits you.

5. Balance your shapes and curves and edges.

Use a rectangular desk and an oval conference table, for instance, a Computer L-Desk can be an option that doesn’t cost too much. Balancing shapes create a good flow pattern and is visually pleasing.

6. Live plants are crucial for oxygen and they are pleasing to look at as well.

There are plants for low, moderate or high light situations. If you have absolutely no light source for a plant, consider a small aquarium or terrarium. They can be lit by LED’s and are beautiful to rest your eyes on.

7. Your home office furniture is under your control, and not under the control of a boss.

You can choose to have any view you like. If you don’t have one out a window, then pick a painting, wall mural or print, and create your own.

8. Create an art gallery of the things you like, but that others in the family may not.

If you’re a sports nut then who cares if your favorite athlete’s hockey jersey is draped on the wall?

9. When you’re decorating, you can recreate a holiday destination or even a vignette from another country.

Leave yourself enough room to work, though. This can be very stress relieving and it may remind you of some terrific memories.

We usually work more hours than we sleep or do other activities. Make your home work space happy and comforting by decorating how you want it to be. If you use these tips you’ll be on your way to a better home office life. There’ always room for additional tips of course, and you can think about those as you rest your mind and ponder on that empty corner spot that needs just the right “something”!

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