Fresh Summer Home Accessories

summer time accessory might include this awesome aluminum serving bowlAs summer approaches, we find ourselves savoring vine-ripened fruit and crisp garden vegetables. We are finally able to throw open our windows to fresh cut grass-scented air and breathe deep. No more heating bills. That in itself is something worth celebrating!

Invite summer into your home with bright, fresh, summer home accessories and colors. Give your fresh fruit and vegetables the grand presentation that they deserve.

This summer is being dedicated to casual summer entertaining. Here are some hot accessory colors for indoors and outdoors.


Tomato– The taste of summer lives in a ripe tomato warmed by the sun and picked fresh from the vine. It’s also this season’s tastiest fashion color.

Orange– One look at a bright happy marigold and how can you help but feel that summer is here. Bright orange is the color of choice to lift your spirits.

Creamy white– Creamy, dreamy and truly elegant.

White– So pure, so crisp and so heavenly.

Green– Earthy, grass and leafy chlorophyll colors.

Aqua– Gentle aqua has a calming effect. It reminds us of days spent at the water, of warm breezes and clear blue skies.

Pale Pink– Very pale pink, a bare breath of color, a tincture so sheer yet so powerful it’s been known to bring men to their knees.

My personal favorite summer home accessory for casual summer entertaining each and every year is a giant Aluminum Deep Bowl that I put on the table and fill full of ice and bottled drinks. It gives an amazing impression and it also serves as a great serving bowl year round.

Happy Accessorizing!

It’s not hard to find cheap, trendy, home decor accessories to make your home look like the ones in the magazines.

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