What To Look For In Wood Countertops

Wood Countertops are Both Functional and Beautiful

wood countertop made from teak woodHere’s what to look for when you decide to shop for a quality wood countertop for your own kitchen…

Many of us share a consensus that if you want to give your kitchen a classic chic look, nothing says class more than quality wood countertops. There are several types of wood countertops to choose from. From the widely common Oak wood to the more exotic wenge wood. Each wood type has a different color shade, wood markings and price tag.

They are available to purchase from your local store or from online stores. With so many options the question is, what should you look for in a quality wood countertop?

1. Suitability For Domestic Use – Worktops are made from wood staves which are then cut, selected, graded and kiln dried to ensure a moisture level suitable for domestic interior use such as a kitchen. Make sure the worktop which you are buying was designed for domestic use.

2. Beautiful Wood Markings – Wood countertops come in variety of shades and wood markings. At this stage, you will be looking to ensure that the wood species matches your interior design look. For example, the most popular Oak has a brown shade with uniformed color and fine markings, while the second most popular Walnut comes in a reddish brown color and has more natural markings.

Some sellers might offer to send you a sample of the worktop, which will allow you to feel the wood with your hands and make sure its look matches your design.

3. Reacts Well To Repair – Although rare, wood counter tops might get damaged due to misuse normally in the form of a dent from a heavy object. Quality worktops should react well to a basic fix. For example, it is possible to spray some water on the dent, place a dump textile fabric on top of the dent and iron the surface. Quality wooden worktop should react well to this fix and raise back.

4. Has The Wood Been Oiled Or Not – Most wood counter tops are supplied unfinished and will require oiling prior to installation. Make sure you have checked if it comes oiled or not, and if need be that you know precisely which oil suits the worktop best. Oiling the counter top is a simple, quick and painless process, just make sure the wood has sufficient time to dry prior to installing it. Keep the remaining oil aside as it will come handy when you need to service the wood later down the line.

Wooden counter tops are durable, classic in their look and will become the focal point in any kitchen.

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