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sideboard made out of cherry can be expensiveBuying furniture costs a fortune if you choose to purchase it new. Don’t waste that money. (Make sure your furniture purchase is perfect for your room.)

I found the perfect cherry sideboard for my dining room! I mean, it was Godiva chocolate and Jimmy Choo shoes perfect!

And I didn’t want to take the chance that it would be gone when I returned. So I took a deep breath, handed over what was left of my home decorating fund (and a huge chunk of the vacation fund as well!) and bought this perfect home furnishing without another thought (or ANY thought, as it turned out), because I didn’t take a single thought of my room dimensions!

I couldn’t WAIT to get it home! So the truck pulls up in the driveway and two rather beefy (and good-looking) furniture movers delivered my treasure directly to my dining room – where it didn’t fit! We tried moving it one way, then another, but the perfect sideboard refused to conform to my vision of perfection. Instead it stood out like a moose among mice. It now occupies a prominent place in another part of my home – the garage!

Now don’t make the same mistake I did. Be prepared! Measure your rooms before you go shopping! Measuring your space is simple. Here’s how!

1. Be sure your measure tape is at least 25 ft., or better yet, 50 ft. It’s always a good idea to have a friend help you measure, so one person can hold each end. The measurement will be more accurate than if you try to hold that metal tape measure straight. (it will always bend!)

2. Measure the wall height and length of each wall in the room.

3. Measure for opposite corners to confirm the room is “square” or straight and has 45 degree corners. (I don’t think I have a “square” room in my house!)

4. Measure your built-in cabinets, windows and doors. And be sure to measure how high the windows are from the floor!

5. Be sure to note which way the doors open. You don’t want a sofa or chair that blocks the entry into the room!

6. Note the location of electrical outlets. This is important when you want lamp table or computer desks in the room.

7. Note the location of lighting. For instance, where is the best lighting for reading, watching TV, etc.?

8. Note the location of wall studs (for hanging works of art or shelving). You can pick up an inexpensive stud finder (I could have used one of those when I was single!) at your local hardware store.

Keep these measurements in your wallet or purse so when you find that perfect piece of furniture, before buying furniture that doesn’t fit…and you will just know if the fit is perfect!

Now, can I interest you in the perfect sideboard? Just like new! Never been used!


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