Choosing A Bar Table

wooden bar tableFor someone furnishing their home or business, searching for something practical, versatile and stylish, a Bar Table may just be their item of choice.

Nowadays, with thousands of contenders, potential customers have a plethora of opportunities to invest in one, or several tables.

Bar tables are now available in several heights. The standard height is around 90cm, which are suitable for use with most bar stools. Someone looking for a commercial table is likely to go for one with a height of around 100-110cm. For a consumer who’d prefer to have the option of either height, there are tables, which come with extensions, or even gas hydraulics, which allow you to adjust the height in a similar fashion to an office chair.

Once you have chosen a suitable height you may consider the frame finish. Some people prefer the glossy chrome finish, which looks very modern and sleek. Others may choose the stainless steel finish, which tends to sit flush with kitchen appliances. Considerable amounts of bar tables are available with four legs, and are ideal for those who like the impression of security. For those looking to be a slightly more enterprising, there are some bar tables that have a footrest, for added comfort, or a circular base…even both!

The table tops tend to come in two shapes: round and square. Square tops are used mainly for formal affairs, to add structure to a professional environment. Round table tops, however, are usually considered for more informal settings; perhaps for a social gathering or family meal.

The material of the bar table is certainly a critical feature, and with several choices available, a potential customer would find it difficult not to locate the perfect one for their home/business. There are Wooden Bar Tables, High ABS Gloss, faux leather and even colored glass finishes. Wooden ones are practical, easy to maintain and would blend in very well with your existing traditional furniture.

If you are looking to “buck the trend”, the Square Bar Stool Table has a faux leather cover, which also requires little maintenance and can withstand hot temperatures of food and drink. Colored table tops, in either High ABS Gloss or glass can, without being too abrasive, break up the mundane nature of a plain background, and introduce a bright, cheery atmosphere. The Reality Bar Table is a great example of this!

Bar tables can also be accessorized according to the customer’s requirements. They can be draped with material to protect their delicate surface and/or have flowers placed on them to amplify the leitmotif!

They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, colors and materials and have the undeniable ability to bring the room together in a cohesive way. Whether you are looking to stay on top of current trends, or differentiate yourself from the crowd, there will surely be a bar table that is right for you!

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