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Buying Furniture

Buying furniture costs a fortune if you choose to purchase it new. Don’t waste that money on the wrong thing. (Make sure your furniture purchase is perfect for your room before you shell out that kind of money)

How To Apply A Garage Floor Sealer

How to apply a garage floor sealer. This buyer’s guide has links to purchase a variety of good sealers and is included in this article which covers all the nuances of sealing a floor. This is a useful buyer’s guide for any brand, but Rustoleum Epoxy Garage Floor Sealer is featured.

Rocking Chair Myths – Know Before You Buy

Rocking chairs are just plain awesome – fun and comfortable. A lot of people have preconceived notions about them. Here we’ll dispel many rocking chair myths and shoot straight on your next family heirloom…before you buy.

Choosing A Bar Table

For someone furnishing their home or business, searching for something practical, versatile and stylish, a bar table may just be a top home decorating item of choice for you. A simple buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In Wood Countertops

Wood counter tops are durable, classic in their look and will become the focal point in any kitchen. Find out what to look for in your counter top purchase in this short wood countertops buyer’s guide.

How To Choose Granite For Your Counter Top

If remodeling your home includes granite in your kitchen, here’s how to choose granite that’s best for you. Natural stone is graded for it’s suitability to a task..

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