About Us

“We will always strive to improve lives by sharing relevant, modern Home and Garden Makeover knowledge, inspiration and ideas with everyone who visits our website.”

Our Story

After many years of hands-on experience, we’ve developed what we believe is a “sixth sense” about what makes our own home unique and beautiful. Sheer determination and the sweat of persistence developed our passion for beautiful gardens and lovely home environments.

We ran a struggling handyman business until 2014… At the same time we were rehabbing, remodeling and fixing our way through life, we were transitioning our focus to a handyman website. Years flew by, and we landed here.

The goal of this site is to provide the kind of home DIY that makes sense for everyone and do the research necessary so you can take an approach to projects in a little less painful way. Are renovations and upgrades in the works for you? We hope we can help.

In order to build effective websites, we had to develop project and product researching skills to survive and thrive. We began publishing in-depth articles which seemed like the next logical step toward fulfilling our lifestyle passion.

A confession… We are DIY and home improvement geeks.

Our Journey

We believe you’re here to save time, save money and explore ideas. We strive every day to deliver that and more. We feel we have an angle that makes us uniquely qualified.

We’ve renovated many homes including every single one we’ve ever owned. We’ve owned five. Each one was a fixer upper (News flash!all homes are fixer-uppers!). What I mean is, there were many thousands of dollars and oh, so many hours of renovation, hiring people, and doing it ourselves and otherwise fixing every home we’ve ever owned. There were others too. Many others.

A little about the handyman business.. the work was hard. Sometimes excruciating, and we knew little about the economics of running a service business. We lived hand to mouth and scraped by from month to month. We never received complaints about any job we ever did, and alas, no thanks were offered for our low prices. We sold ourselves short. And finally, after years of aches and pains, and a lot of soul searching, we found our calling as online home DIY educators.

This website, H&GM was purchased in 2012, but was originally built by Pamela Cole Harris, whose unique writing style and insights still inspire us. It’s an honor to perpetuate her online namesake and continue her legacy of inspiration.

When you have things that need to get done, and you decide to do it (or manage it) yourself, it often takes a lot of research and know-how, and all too often a time-consuming learning curve. There’s that pesky learning curve.. and if you don’t have time to reinvent the wheel (and who does?), maybe we can pitch in and help.

We’ll do our best to deliver relevant insights into what matters in all your home and garden plans so you can speed through your projects and makeovers.

Let’s share.

Doorway To A Better Home

At Home And Garden Makeover we believe that growing a garden, planting flowers, and dressing up your living space is not only good for your soul and your outlook on life, but also good for the bottom line. Curb appeal is very important in today’s real estate market and nothing shouts “buy me” like a well maintained yard and garden. And at the high cost of food, that garden can pay for itself with fresh vegetables and fruits that provide more nutrition and more value than those from the supermarket. So let’s share tips and add color to our world.

Your backyard paradise in the making…

Since We Started

It has been awhile in the making, and we’re still working on our persisting goal, to build an online home for the most relevant information about today’s living spaces that we can possibly deliver – so you can achieve your dream home in the most efficient way possible!

We believe you should have fun with your home decor. Play with color, play with style, and play with accessories! Above all, make your home a place where you and your guests will love spending time!  

We think your time is best spent enjoying ​your home and garden!

Do You Have Questions?

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