House And Home Makeover Ideas!

Home Decorating Tips and Tricks


At Home and Garden Makeover, we think you should have fun with your home decor and not take decorating too seriously. Play with color, play with style, and play with accessories! And above all make your home a place where you and your guests will love spending time! And paying doesn’t have to be painful – just visit your local thrift or consignment shop and find loads of items you can use to change the look of your rooms.

The average person can’t spend an entire month’s paycheck on those “granite counter top and stainless steel appliances” they say you can’t live without, so we tell you how to get the same look (or better!) for less!

Decorating shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg….or cost you your sanity! So lighten up, get smart and save money with us!

Gardening ideas


At Home And Garden Makeover we believe that growing a garden, planting flowers, and dressing up your outdoor space is not only good for your soul and your outlook on life, but also good for the bottom line. Curb appeal is very important in today’s real estate market and nothing shouts “buy me” like a well maintained yard and garden. And at the high cost of food, that garden can pay for itself with fresh vegetables and fruits that provide more nutrition and more value than those from the supermarket. So let us give you some tips to add more color to that green thumb.


Your home and garden makeover is right around the corner!

Home Decorating Ideas, Home Remodeling Projects and Gardening Tips – Everything for a Do It Yourself Home and Garden!