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Decorating Ideas For Problem Rooms

Whatever problem your room has, a combination of color and lines can make a huge difference in the way the eye perceives the space. This article has 5 decorating ideas for that problem room.

Ideas To Make Your Living Room Livable

Its always better to leave a space empty than to have it occupied by badly placed furniture. Good furniture needs space to be seen. We’ve got you covered for ideas in this article!

Fresh Summer Home Accessories

Invite summer into your home with bright, fresh, summer home accessories and colors. Give your fresh fruit and vegetables the grand presentation that they deserve.

Interior Design For Bargain Hunters

You don’t need to spend a fortune to decorate your home. Discover new ways to add interior design just for the bargain hunter in you!

Decorating For Real People

Ever look at a room and say, “No real person would live in that!” At times decorators do get carried away. This article is about decorating for real people.

How To Choose Fabric For Home Decor

If you are choosing a fabric for your home decor, are you a velvet or damask person? Or do your tastes run to duck or denim? This article will help you choose!

How To Make A Headboard Slipcover

In this bedroom decor article we’ll show you an easy and inexpensive way to change the look of your bedroom by making a headboard slipcover to put over your existing one.

Will My Furniture Fit?

When planning your home decor, it is vitally important to understand your space needs. You have to ask, will my furniture fit?  Will it fit through the door? And for renters: Will it fit in the elevator? In this article we help you get some foresight on your furniture decorating needs.

Using Color Tricks In Home Decor

Need to make a small room look larger, or make a large room look smaller? This article will reveal color tricks in home decor that the home decor professionals use!

A Man’s Guide to Home Decor

If you’re a man and get pains just thinking about home decor, then you can get a load of this woman’s guide on home decorating. For men of course. 🙂

Yard Sale Guide For Home Decorators

It’s Saturday morning and its time to decorate! Here’s a yard sale guide everyone should read before heading out…especially if you’re a new yard-saler!

Home Staging Tips That Sell Homes

If you follow these home staging suggestions wholeheartedly, you may have second thoughts about selling your home now that it looks so appealing. Here’s 7 of our best ideas on how to decorate your home for closing the new buyer.

Decorating with Room Dividers

Room dividers can be broken down into three basic categories: permanent room dividers, improvised room dividers, and flexible dividers. A permanent room divider can be something like a half width or half height wall. This means that the divider can come out half way across the floor or halfway up a wall. Learn more here.

Furniture Slipcover Makeover Tips

An inexpensive and simple way to give your living room a makeover is with a good furniture slipcover on your couch or armchairs. Slipcovers are thrifty too. Home decorating doesn’t have to be expensive!

Powder Room Ideas For Decorators

Need some powder room ideas? We have a few. Why even consider them anyway, when it comes to decorating? I mean, why bother? It is after all only a bathroom. Find out in this info-packed home decorating article.

Faux Leather Floor Look Paper Bag Covering

Here is a budget faux look for any floor type from wood to concrete. A faux leather floor appearance made from kraft paper. No, really this works and looks great! Check out the video and article.

Interior Design For Children

Interior design for children is one of the most delightful aspects of the business. It’s so fun because children are limitless in creativity and imagination. So many ideas abound. Children are much more free to explore the possibilities, and you can explore them too!

Ten Effective Ways to Deal with Low Ceilings

Here are some ways you can deal with low ceilings to reduce all those claustrophobic feelings. How to use lighting, color, crown moldings. Ten fresh, useful ideas plus 2 bonus home decorating ideas for low ceilings on video.

Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors

Getting window treatment ideas for sliding glass doors can be a lot of fun! Ideas abound in this article as we explore colors, styles and textures!

Plaids And Stripes Fabric Success

Success with plaids and stripes requires paying attention to matching and seams. But if you pay attention, you can make a fabulous item. Read more about plaids and stripes here!

10 Home Decorating Ideas To Quickly Update Any Room

Not all home decorating ideas require a big time or money investment. If you’re looking for affordable home interior decorating ideas to freshen a room quickly, try at least one of these and see for yourself how easy it can be to redecorate a room!

Winter Decor – 20 Home Decor Ideas

Need some winter decor ideas to help create a warm and inviting home this winter? Look no further – Home and Garden Makeover offers you 20 winter decor tips that will warm your home – and your heart!

Eco Decorating: Creating an Earth-Friendly Room

Homeowners are choosing to create space made from environmentally friendly materials, and retailers now offer eco decorating products to meet the demand.

How To Arrange Furniture For Your Home Decor

Every homeowner has their own set of problems and challenges when buying furniture and then figuring out how to arrange furniture. We look at 4 separate room issues and overcome all of them.

Home Office Furniture Ideas – 9 Great Tips

Because of the mountain of paperwork which now seems to envelop every family, decorating a home office with cost-wise and beautiful furniture is a necessity in today’s home. Here are 9 awesome tips.

Home Decorating Ideas For Fall

I have plenty of home decorating ideas for fall – maybe my favorite time of year. Well, ok, so maybe it’s just behind the holidays, but you know what I mean! Get started with some cool ideas for your home’s fall decor.

Small Room Ideas To Make It Appear Larger

If you can’t afford more space and need a little help “growing” your small room here are some practical small room ideas to make it appear larger. It’s not that hard once you know how!

Benefits of Eco Friendly Furniture

People are becoming more conscious about the environment, & the demand for eco friendly products is increasing. Let us help you find eco friendly furniture while we describe the benefits.